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Our commission process:

Please include a photo reference, then your preference of material (Cotton, Silk or Wool, special glow in the dark yarns also available) & style of rug (Hand Tufted or Hand Woven) 

Any size can be made to order. 


Prices vary with size, materials & design.

We only use natural yarn, wool is preferred as it’s the best quality & will last a lifetime. After yarn colours are sourced, you can choose between hand-tufted or hand-woven rugs.

Hand Tufted may take 2-4 weeks depending on size & design detail.

Hand Woven may take 6-9 months sometimes longer.


For our hand-tufted process. Your design is projected & traced onto the backing fabric. Then the tufting process begins, we weave & cut the yarn through the backing fabric, shaping & cutting the rug as we go. 

After the rug has been tufted, we shape & do all the extra details needed before gluing. We then glue the rug either with a natural rubber latex or a carpet backing adhesive then wait 24hrs to dry. After the rug has dried we apply the final backing cloth & bind the edges.


Overlocking can be done professionally.

                                                                                 Overlocking Example.

Then every piece is cleaned, vacuumed & ready to go!

Initial minor shredding in carpet yarn is expected depending on traffic uses, but it will settle down after short period.

As every piece is hand made, every one is different & unique so you should handle with care. Vacuum gently, Non machine washable, spot clean only. Any spills or stains bring to a professional rug cleaner.


We ship worldwide.

Any questions or inquiries
Please feel free to contact via email for a Free Quote: